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Monday, June 8, 2009

USA Moves Left, EU Moves Right

Interestingly, by moving left, the US is matching EU movements that have occurred over this past decade. Europe is trumpeted for its socialized medicine and welfare programs as models that the US should emulate. Why then are voters resisting further left movements in the midst crisis? If it has been "working" for so many years, why change? I feel it is because it doesn't work and only through the heartiness of capitalism have social programs been able to survive. Now that we are in a crisis, the sheep in wolves clothing has been unmasked...socialism does not solve social programs and in fact may potentially be the contributing factor to the crisis in the first place. However, the US fails to see the irony in all this. While our president calls for changes in the socialist vein, these very changes have failed in Europe and elsewhere. I fear that the invisible hand is going to have to smack us before we come to our senses.

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