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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bush Signs Bill To Take All Newborns' DNA

The bill states that the federal government should "continue to carry out, coordinate, and expand research in newborn screening" and "maintain a central clearinghouse of current information on newborn screening... ensuring that the clearinghouse is available on the Internet and is updated at least quarterly".

  • Brase states that S.1858 and H.R. 3825, the House version of the bill, will:
  • Establish a national list of genetic conditions for which newborns and children are to be tested. Establish protocols for the linking and sharing of genetic test results nationwide.
  • Build surveillance systems for tracking the health status and health outcomes of individuals diagnosed at birth with a genetic defect or trait.
  • Use the newborn screening program as an opportunity for government agencies to identify, list, and study "secondary conditions" of individuals and their families.
  • Subject citizens to genetic research without their knowledge or consent.
I must have missed this when it occurred, but this is scary stuff. Since when does the government have the right to force your child to give up DNA for an unknown purpose. What ever happened to privacy? Once again, Ron Paul was correctly a vocal opponent.

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