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Friday, April 24, 2009

Chrysler could file bankruptcy next week

Why doesn't this boil people's blood? It sure does mine. Chrysler took millions of bailout dollars (read our dollars) and yet they will still file for bankruptcy where debt holders (read taxpayers) will get 22-65 cent on the dollar. Where is the outcry? The government just threw our money away. Our hard earned money that was slaved for at our jobs! What the Hell gives the government the right to confiscate our money and throw it away on such nonsense?

We were told the world would end if we let the auto makers fail. We were told too many jobs would be lost. So, we threw money it at and low and behold it didn't work. That's the mighty power of capitalism at work whuch the government should be bowing down to. They threw millions of dollars at a company and it STILL goes bankrupt.

And yet, they still call for more money, more intervention, because after all, only they can save us. How about no more spending, no more wasting, and give us back our money? Stop lying to us and admit that you were wrong. Admit that government intervention doesn't work. Resign your positions and let us election new decent leaders that will respect the rights of the people. We the people are responsible for our government and without speaking out we are silently accepting this outrage.

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