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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Inept Government's Responds to the Christmas Day Bomber

"System worked?"

"Allegedly? Suspect?"

"Systemic Failure?"

So which is it? The truth is the system failed because our leaders don't view this as a war. They view it as a police action. The see each incident separately. They don't understand that these people want to kill us no matter what. They think that tolerance and kindness will disuade these maniacs from strapping explosives to their crouches. They are so afraid of "offending" someone at airport screening that they put everyone under undue scrutiny. They are so afraid of a racism charge that they pretend to increase security by installing new machines and new policies. In reality though, it is how you train the people who use them. If you are taught not to single out those that are most likely to be terrorists, but rather use random screening, we have failed. If the enemy most of the time fits a neat description, common sense says we single out those people.

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