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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hedge Fund Manager Strikes Back at Obama

"The managers have a fiduciary obligation to look after their clients’ money as best they can, not to support the President, nor to oppose him, nor otherwise advance their personal political views."


  1. I read that 7 out of 10 dollars of campaign money from hedge funds went to Obama. They are getting what they deserve...they helped elect him. I love it when the liberals eat their own. Today, the LA Times (liberal newspaper) had an editorial criticizing the Obama Administration's threat to withhold $7 Billion in stimulus money if California tries to cut any of its spending...oh yeah, some of the cuts would have been born by the SEIU union. Hum...where have I heard about them before. Oh yeah, they will work with ACORN to do the census. The fox are funning the hen house.!

  2. Haha yeah you nailed it. People always line up for free handouts, never realizing the reprocussions of their actions. Thanks for the post!