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Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama's Cabinet Appointments: Less Than 10% with Private Sector Expierence

"Public sector employment has ranged since the 1950s at between 15 percent and 19 percent of the population,” yet the Obama Cabinet got more than 90 percent of its prior experience in this relatively thin slice of America. So, the current Cabinet largely lacks a practical understanding of the country and companies which it now regulates — understanding that might come in handy now that our government is more enmeshed than ever with banks and auto makers, and is pushing for radically different rules for energy and health-care producers and consumers.

Is it really any wonder then that the bailouts, the stimulus, or the ludacris spending have not worked?

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  1. Glad you found this. Saw it on Glenn Beck and wanted to look it up. No wonder they have no clue what to do with the economy.