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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Senate Committee Postpones Fort Hood Hearing At Request of White House

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, speaking to reporters aboard his plane last week, said all those privy to details on the ongoing investigation into the shooting "should just shut up."

That's in interesting sentiment, something sounds fishy here. And why was it that Obama was so quick to call a Cambridge police officer "stupid" without knowing all the facts, but has yet to denounce this act for what it was, radical Muslim terrorism. What, you afraid people will backlash against Muslims? How dumb do you think American's are? Americans know the difference between regular peace-loving Muslims and this perversion of the religion we see now. If I were Muslim I would hope to Allah that the president would denounce this act so that the distinction between Muslim terrorism and Muslim the religion could be reenforced. But no, now we have to wait and see if we can pin this somehow on being the fault of the US.

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