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Friday, March 20, 2009

Britain apologises for 'Third World' hospital

For all of you who think government run health care is a good idea, take a look at the quality of health care on the other side of the ocean.

Greatest line: "The British premier, who has trumpeted huge increases in spending on the NHS since his Labour party took office in 1997, said there were "no excuses" for what happened to patients at the hospital" ...Once again clear evidence that throwing money at problem doesn't fix it!

Think it can't happen here? Why, because somehow our government will run it better? It's amazing how people have such a negative view of politics, politicians, and the government, yet for some reason they think that these same organizations, with the same people, and the same processes will miraculously CHANGE if we only BELIEVE in them and have HOPE. Sound familiar? As someone much more wiser than me once said, the government doesn't solve problems, it creates them.

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