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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

U.N. accuses Israel of using human shields

It's curious to me that our society has "progressed" to the point where a self-proclaimed global, bipartisan agency would deliberately seek out transgressions of the supposed good guys while completely ignoring the transgression of obvious evil. When you have an elite military that has explicit, published rules on how their soldiers should conduct themselves in a lawful manner, I feel that any transgressions warrants the benefit of the doubt that it is an exception to the rule. On the other hand, you have a band of militants that also have explicit, published, and continuously demonstrated rules of conduct that are not so lawful. When one chooses to focus on the viewpoint of one and not the other, thereby implying that each are held to different standards, you forfeit your right to claim bipartisanship and elicit questions regarding your agenda. In addition, when your methods of so-called "verification" of claims is called into question...

"Indeed, in one of the cases cited by the U.N. – the shelling of a building with civilians inside – Hamas admitted it first fired rockets at Israeli civilian population zones from just outside the building." wonders...why? Are Palestinian children more precious or innocent than Israeli child? One also questions our payments to such an organization and what that says about us as a country.

Source is wikipedia so take it for what it's worth.

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